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public speakingPublic Speaking Class for tweens and teens

Where: PG Rec Center

When: classes start the week of

Jan 8, 2018

Who: Youth ages 10-15 What: 12 week class/once a week

class limited to mature 10-15 year olds / $180 for 12 weeks class size limited to a small group for maximum effectiveness class time includes instruction and tons of practice speech "recital" at the end of the course (family & friends invited)

How to sign up: PG Rec Center Questions? call: 801-690-4968 Classes: Monday 6-7pm ages 10-12 Monday 7:30-8:30pm ages 13-15 Wednesday 6-7pm ages 10-12

Wednesday 7:30-8:30pm ages 13-15

Why public speaking for kids?

Anxieties about speaking in front of people can be alleviated through learning skills and practicing those skills. And with all of the important things our children are

learning, public speaking usually isn't included. We feel that being able to give a speech, present your project, lead a meeting, confidently talk to strangers is a life skill and learning the skills of speaking will be invaluable to the future leaders we are raising right now.

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