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Pleasant Grove Recreation Sports Policies The following policies are not all inclusive and may be changed without notice.

Playing Up/Down Policy:

In keeping with the spirit of recreation sports, participants will be advised to participate in their designated age group. We will allow you to play up 1 year in our programs (except our youth baseball leagues, 3rd grade – 8 th grade, as they are affiliated with the Utah Boys Baseball Association). This is defined by which age the child is in school according to the current Alpine School District school year calendar. If the child is home schooled, the grade that they would be in if they attended public school will be used. The exception to this rule may include a participant with a disability or medical condition, which warrants him/her to play down in the appropriate age group. These will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by the Recreation Coordinator in advance before the child is registered.

Registered Players Only:

All participants in Pleasant Grove Recreation programs must be registered in that current program in order to participate. Players are allowed to participate only when they are registered, and have a signed waiver. Any team changes, such as players or coaches being moved to another team, must be approved by the Recreation Staff. Players are only allowed to participate on one team during the season in the specific league in which they are registered. Not following this policy is not fair to the properly registered participants and may possibly create a liability issue. For programs with a post-season tournament, any team found in violation of this policy will forfeit all league and tournament games in which any illegal player participated in. The Recreation Department reserves the right to check the identity of any player at any time.

Minimum Play Rule:

Recreation Leagues: Pleasant Grove City has a 50% minimum play-time rule for all youth sports through 12th grade. Attending practices is not a requirement for meeting this rule. It is strongly recommended that parents do everything possible to have their child attend practice. Missing practices may cause your child to miss-out on information pertaining to the specific sport which may, in cause, pose a safety risk to your child.

Post-Season Eligibility Rule:

Eligible for Post-Season Participation: For youth leagues that have a post-season tournament, participants must have played in a minimum of 50% of the regular season league games in order to be eligible for post-season games. For adult leagues that have a post-season tournament, participants must have played in a minimum number of games set forth by each league. This number is set by each league, but usually is between 2-4 games. You are encouraged to check with the Recreation Coordinator for whichever league you are signed up for. Any team playing with players who do not meet this requirement will forfeit all games which the player participated in. Pleasant Grove Recreation keeps track of all teams that will be involved in tournament play.


Programs that include a jersey: We do not allow names to be added anywhere on the uniforms. Please do not purchase additional equipment for your team (i.e. jackets, hats,etc.) Names and sponsors are not allowed. This makes things fair for all teams and keeps coaches and parents from paying any additional costs. Individuals are allowed to use their own personal equipment.

Games Counted as a Complete Game:

When a game is cut short and is not fully completed (i.e. inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances): If the game is still in the first half and the half-time whistle hasn’t been sounded, the game will be made-up at a later time which will be determined by the Pleasant Grove City Recreation Staff. Any game not completed after the half-time whistle has been sounded will be considered a completed game and will not be made-up. For games with no half-time please refer to league rules for specific guidelines.


Pleasant Grove Recreation sports programs are successful because of the help of volunteer coaches. The expectation is that all coaches will exhibit good sportsmanship at all times. The Recreation Department reserves the right to eject, suspend, terminate, not invite back, prosecute or render any type of disciplinary action as deemed necessary due to inappropriate behavior, poor sportsmanship and/or any other reason. Due to liability reasons, coaches are not allowed to reschedule rain-out or weather related games on their own. All rescheduled games will be scheduled by the Recreation Department. Coaches are selected by the Recreation Staff usually at the end of the sign up period. Every coach is required to fill out a criminal background check every 2 years. Coaches are encouraged to hold practices throughout the season. Practices are not required. It is recommended that coaches hold 1 one hour practice per week. Coaches are welcome to hold more or less practices than what is recommended according to the coach’s/team’s wishes within reason. Practice days and times, for the most part, are not scheduled by the Recreation Department and are determined by the coaches.

Players and Spectators:

The Pleasant Grove Recreation Department encourages good sportsmanship at all times. We reserve the right to eject, suspend, prosecute, or render any type of disciplinary action as deemed necessary due to inappropriate behavior and/or poor sportsmanship or for any other reason.

Team Compilation:

Leagues with NO DRAFT/HEAD TO HEAD REQUEST POLICY: We are eliminating the friend request chain. Too many people have been requesting too many friends. Participants are allowed to request ONE friend to play with on the same team. Head to heads MUST request each other and sign up BEFORE the league deadline for the best possible chance to be placed on the same team. Head to head requests are not guaranteed, but we do make our best effort to fulfill them. If the person you requested did not request your child, the likelihood of them being placed on the same team is lower. If you want to request more than one friend, please sign up as a TEAM. You do not have to fill the full roster, but you will have the responsibly of providing a coach. Check out our team registration paragraph for more information.

Leagues with NO DRAFT/TEAM REGISTRATION POLICY: Those who'd like to register as a team MUST PROVIDE A COACH. To avoid confusion, coaches who want to create a team are required to fill out a team roster form at the Pleasant Grove Recreation Center. A digital copy is also available by e-mailing the league coordinator. This form will help us insure the placement of the correct players on your team. Max per team varies for each sport. Max numbers CANNOT be exceeded. Players who are listed on your team roster will be placed on your team ONLY if they register BEFORE the program deadline. Those who are listed on your roster, but miss the deadline will NOT be guaranteed a spot on your team.

Leagues with a DRAFT: Requests are not accepted when it is a league with a draft. The only players guaranteed on the same team are siblings. Our leagues with drafts vary from 3rd -12th grade. Leagues differ in the way that they are drafted based on different factors such as League Affiliations, skill, wanting to play with friends, etc. Contact the specific coordinator for your league to get league specific draft rules. Each head coach is allowed to declare one assistant coach. The assistant coach’s children are declared before the draft. If this is not possible, you must declare during the draft in-front of all of the coaches in that league. Only participants who attend the draft are eligible to be drafted by the coaches. All registered participants not in attendance at the draft will be drawn out of a hat at random and put to a team. Participants who are late, or called off the waiting list, after the draft will be assigned to teams according to draft order in the order in which they come in to register. Information regarding which team is next in draft order or how many people have already registered off of the waiting list will not be given. We will not go above the maximum number of players allowed on a team. This is to protect the integrity of the draft so that people can’t pick which team they want to be on by coming late, or off of the waiting list.


Open Registration: Anyone that meets the requirements for each of our leagues can register during the open registration period. Sometimes we are limited to the number of individuals that we can have in one league and may need to close registration because we are full. Anyone that comes in after this will be placed on a waiting list. Waiting List: A waiting list is available for those who do not get registered during the open registration period. Participants who are called off of the waiting list are assigned to teams after teams have been put together. Having your name added to the waiting list does not guarantee that you will be called to come in and register. Registration for those called off of the waiting list must be done in-person at the Recreation Center (no online registration available after the online registration deadline). Those called off of the waiting list will have until the close of the next business day to come in and register in-person (approximately 24 hours). The only way to guarantee that your child will be placed on to a team is to register before the registration deadline date. In the past, people have had troubles getting their registration through on the website on the deadline day. Waiting until the deadline day to register is not encouraged as increased online traffic may cause registration issues. A nonrefundable $5 late fee will be assessed to all late registrations.