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New! Scout Merit Badge Classes offered at Pleasant Grove Rec


Chess - Take the Chess Club class to develop your skills. At the end we will hold a Saturday class that will finish off all the required elements of the merit badge. Chess Club starts June 8-July 27th with Extra Scout Class on Thursday Aug 3rd. Cost is $42 for chess club and $10 for Extra Class to finish the merit badge requirements. Time is 10-11:30 Thursdays with no class July 6th.

Citizenship in the Community - This is a class that helps scouts learn more about their community. It is a required merit badge. Homework will include attending a city council meeting, doing 8 hours of service with in the community , and preparing a simple presentation about their community . March 6/20 or April 10/24 or May 1/15– 3:00 to 4:00 Cost: $10.00.

Citizenship in the Nation -This class will help scouts learn more about the United States. It is a required badge for Eagle. Homework for this class will include visiting a national historic place or landmark, the State Capitol, and/or research a national monument . Watch the evening news five days in a row and choose an issue that affects you and your family. Choose a speech of national historic importance, Tell about the speech to the councelor. Write a letter to an elected official about a national issue.

March 6/20 or April 10/24 or May 1/15– 4:00 to 5:00 Cost: $10.00. 

Emergency Preparedness -First Aid Merit Badge is a Prerequisite and must be earned before taking this class. Scouts will learn how to be prepared in case of emergencies and how they can respond and help in an emergency. Homework will be the scout taking part in an emergency service project or drill with a community agency or his troop. Complete a family emergency plan. Then one of the following: using the checklist provided inspect your home for potential hazards or develop a fire escape plan for your family or develop an accident prevention plan for five family activites outside the home . March 1/15 or April 12/26 or May 3/17   5:00 to 6:00 Cost: $10.00

Sports - Scouts are required to participate in 2 different sports (offered through Pleasant Grove Recreation).



The scout needs to keep a training record while participating in the sports. You can go on line and print off the workbook at www.meritbadge.org

Once the requirements are complete, contact PG Rec to arrange a time to meet with a counselor to get this signed off.


Athletics - Go online and print off the work book for this badge. Most requirements can be done on your own. Once completed, call the PG Rec to set up a time to meet with a counselor to get this signed off. Watch for more Classes to become available in March! Please Bring a signed Blue Card to each class you are participating in.